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At Develop and Play Pre-K we believe that fostering the bright minds of our little ones starts at home. We believe in promoting growth, creativity, play, and independence to help empower young minds. We provide our students with an enriching curriculum that will promote the skills needed for them to succeed in the years ahead. 

We understand that not all preschools are created equal. We set high standards when it comes to our staff and developing a curriculum to ensure that your child is getting personalized attention based on their need as well as the best education and preschool experience possible. 

Preschool doesn't have to be expensive! We offer curriculums at prices 4 times lower than traditional preschool while maintaining the same educational standards to prepare students for kindergarten and the years ahead. 

Meet Miss Sara 

Sara Chirita

Hello friends! Welcome to Develop and Play Pre-K! My name is Miss Sara and I created Develop and Play Pre-K to help families continue education online at an affordable rate. My passion for helping children started as soon as I began my career in early childhood education following my graduation from Penn State University. Since then, I held numerous positions in Early Childhood Education and grew with each experience. There is nothing that makes me happier than watching my students develop over the school year and grow a love for learning! Book a trial class to learn more or enroll today!

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