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Online School is here to stay!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Online school is here to stay. Nobody saw the COVID-19 pandemic coming and certainly no one thought that we were going to see such an emphasis on online education in 2020. As we write this in April of 2021, we notice how many workplaces are opting to allow parents to work from home and students to continue distance education. As we take a deeper dive in online education, is it only about the pandemic?

The New York Times wrote an article on distance education. It goes on to explain how Rory, a 6th grader in Bloomington, Minn. did not line school since he had a health condition that made him nervous around other students. Not even special education classes could help him, but when the pandemic hit, he tried online school. Now, he loves school and has opted to continue his learning online.

A study completed by the RAND Corporation, “Remote Learning Is Here to Stay,” shows us that 20% of school districts started a branch of an online school system and plan to continue offering it post-pandemic. Many reasons such as health issues, bullying, COVID-19 or worries about discrimination are why these districts opted to go this route.

It is not only elementary, middle, and high school! – there are many other reasons we will mention below which are sure to capture parents’ interest, particularly in a preschool setting:

  • Health issues can keep students from attending school – Unfortunately, some children have health issues that warrant the need to stay at home under the watchful eye of a parent, guardian or professional. In the past, this may have made attending preschool exceedingly difficult or nearly impossible. Online preschool allows students to stay at home where they are safe!

  • Education is changing! Online teachers are specialized in their craft. There are many reasons why they are good at what they do! Specializing in online education is taking different approaches to achieve the same outcomes with activities and exercises that are focused on certain skills students need for kindergarten, whether it is kindergarten in person or online!

  • Educational cost is a factor for 93% of households. We all know that preschool is not cheap, and to some it is seen as a luxury. But that does not have to be the case! Online preschools, such as Develop and Play Pre-K costs up to 4x lower than in-person preschool. Online preschools do not have the same overhead costs as in-person preschools and can easily pass savings on to families.

  • Parent/Guardian involvement: Parents may wish to be more involved in their children’s education when they are at a young age. Attending class with their children allows parents to understand and see progressions and opportunities in real time. It also allows for trust and bonding over the subject of education where children will know that they can come and ask for help! Lets not forget: parents are generally not specialized in education. There are many tips and tricks they can learn along the way from the pros!

  • Fewer distractions: There are fewer distractions than an in-person classroom setting. Online learning from home will narrow the focus of students in engaging activities. While there are other students in virtual classes, socialization when not permitted can be controlled to achieve best outcomes during class. It is also a good opportunity for teachers to educate on when it is okay to talk and when it is not!

The list goes on and on because the benefits are absolutely endless! Book a discovery tour with Develop and Play Pre-K to hear how online preschool can benefit you and your little one today!

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